What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a treasure hunt game, where you find treasure boxes (caches) with the use of GPSr (Global Positioning Satellite receiver) devices. The Caches are containers of varying sizes, from Nano Very small normally magnetic containers about the size of a dice. Micro normally a 35mm film container, small about the size of a sandwich box, Regular these can be ammo containers, Large Biscuit tins through to dustbins.

Each cache should contain at least a Log Book then space allowing pen/pencil and then various trade items, normally small inexpensive items (Xmas cracker toys or McDonald’s toys). These items are for swapping, if you want to take something replace it with something of equal or greater value.

The game is global and run over the internet at Visit this site for more information. All the caches are registered with this site, and so can be accessed by anyone wanting to play the game.
How do I play the game?

To play the game you first need to register for at least a basic account at, the basic account is free.
When you have an account you can then gain access to the Coordinates of caches around the world, to give you an idea at the time of typing this, there are 500+ caches within a 10 mile radius of Chichester.
Scouting about West Dean – Geocaching series

This is a series of 30 caches placed in circular walks around West Dean which has been put out with Scouts, Cubs, Guides, and Brownies in mind, although anyone is welcome to try these out.

The walk can be done in several ways and can get muddy during wet periods, the terrain is quite uneven in places and hilly.

There are 19 Micros, (35mm film cartridges) most of which have bonus numbers in for a bigger Bonus Box. There are also 10 other bigger containers to make the route a bit more fun. These are small but big enough for some trade items. The bigger containers have been loaded with a few Scouting type goodies, Whistle, Compasses, torches, and blanket badges etc.

The route has several possible parking places but the main parking area should be at N 50.54.420 W 000.46.639. This is a small car park but should have room for a few cars. There is also access to this series by Bus, the route is number 60 and runs from Bognor via Chichester to Midhurst, Every half hour or so.

There are a few roads that need be crossed and travelled along however I have tried to keep these to a minimum but care should be taken!!

West Dean Scout hut no longer has an active Scout group but Brownies and Guides meet weekly at the hut which also acts as Chichester and Midhurst District headquarters, and is also the District Scout Shop. During term time it is open on Saturday mornings 10.00 – 12.00. and has a range of Badges, Uniforms and other scouting items, should you require anything.

Along this Cache route if you require, you will pass the Selsey Arms public house and West Dean Stores where provisions could be purchased.

This series also incorporates some of the Chalk Stone Walk, a series of sculpted chalk stones set out along a path from Cocking hill car park to West Dean.

Any Scouting, Guiding or any other youth organisation wishing to use these caches as an activity please email me as I have put a Geocache activity leaflet together to help.

For Scout and Guide Groups who don’t have any GPS devices, then the group does have 4 that are are available for hire. Follow this link to check the calendar and terms of use.

NOTE: The GPS devices are NOT kept at the Scout Hut.