Covid-19 Red to Amber Risk Assessment

In order to restart any form of face to face scouting, every group has had to submit a Risk Assessment in line with the current Scouting Readiness Levels set by The Scout Association, which in turn takes advice from the National Youth Agency. This must be approved by the Group Exec Committee and the District Commissioner.

The 12th Chichester Scout Group have made adjustments to the Scout HQ and have had their Risk Assessment approved for both Indoors and Outdoors meetings, although the preferred is for sections to meet Outdoors:

If you have any questions regarding the Risk Assessment or in general on returning to face to face scouting, please contact Tony Tunnell at

This is the current Scouting Readiness Level available on the Scout Website.


Readiness level: AMBER

This means: Restricted size group sessions can take place indoors and outdoors.

Maximum group size:

  • Activities involving young people: 15 young people and up to 5 leaders.
  • Scout Network programmed activities: 6 people
  • Adult activities (non-social) with no young people present: 6 people

Relevant Government Guidance: National Youth Agency

Face Coverings:

  • Adults must wear face coverings indoors, unless they are leading an activity.
  • Scouts and Explorers must wear face coverings indoors, including when using toilet facilities.