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Online Scout Manager – Keep all your records and programme plans in a Cloud where every leader can access them. Invaluable for the modern Scout Leader.
5th Chichester Scout Group
Resources – More Scouting Resources
Scout Shop – Every Scouting Need
One Stop Scouting UK Ltd – Alternative Scout Shop
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National Scout Cars Championship
Cotswolds Outdoor – Contact any leader for the 15% Promotional Code
Go Outdoors – Everything you need for any outdoor activity
BCT Outdoors – Specialising in Scouting Tents, Garden Marquess

Chichester Youth Adventure Trust – Cynon Valley Cottage and Bunkhouse
Woodcraft School – For Bushcraft and Nature Awareness
Calshot – Activities Centre, Southampton
Climbing – Indoor Climbing Centre, Guildford

I Will Knot – A Knotting website with video demos
Animated Knots – Lots of useful knots, lashings and decorative knots. Includes link to iPhone & Android App