Postcards from WS2013


The scouts arrived at 10:30 just as the heavens opened. Fortunately it was a short shower and cover had already been put up. It was then a manic 2.5 hours to put up all the tents before the opening ceremony.

We all paraded down to Camelot (the camp centre) where we were entertained by on stage dj’s. Just after 2pm a helicopter circled overhead and 10mins later Chief Scout Bear Grylls and David Walliams appeared on stage to officially open the camp. They both gave some inspirational words for all the Scouts and guides present. After the ceremony, the scouts returned to the site to finish erecting their tents and then have tea.

Bear GryllsAfter tea the scouts went back to Camelot for a disco until 10pm. This was a great start to what promises to be an exciting week.


A leisurely start (08:00 Breakfast) then it was off to the various sub camps for Ancient Antics – a number of challenge activities. Harvey even challenged a leader to a gladitorial battle – and won!

In the afternoon, the scouts put on their uniform for Scouts Own in Camelot.

Scouts OwnLewis carried the flag for our group. During the service, the chaplain asked everyone to make a paper aeroplane and write our name on it. At the given signal, the planes were thrown and everyone had to ensure they picked up one from a different sub camp. After scouts own, there s a real buzz around the site as everyone tried to find the owner of the aeroplane.

In the evening, the scouts had the opportunity to swap their activity tickets before going to see the live band “Front Cover” followed by a disco.


The day started early with breakfast at 07:00 as it was going to be a busy day full of activities. The scouts went off to find their allocated activities which ranged from craft to bushcraft and orienteering to kayaking, returning to lunch for just a short break in the middle of the day.

Cave BusThere was a horrendous downpour late in the afternoon that stopped many activities but it didn’t, last long but we heard that some groups on the lower plains had a river running through their tents.

Evening meal as followed by the Box Cart heats for the u12 category where each of our two teams won their races, successfully moving forward to the next round on Thursday.


Tony L and Nick have officially been renamed “the chuckle brothers” due to their constant banter.

Breakfast was at 07:00 and then all the scouts went off to the High Adventure zone where several scouts really pushed themselves to achieve some fantastic goals. Zoe abseiled off the highest tower whilst George R took the leap of faith (after getting his foot stuck).

Land ZorbingLunch had to be eaten quickly because in the afternoon the whole sub camp took part in an “it’s a knockout” competition in the main arena consisting of 20 different activities lasting 3 minutes each. At the end the chuckle brothers proved their worth by taking part in the male v female leader race. Tony’s mum isn’t going to be very pleased with him and Nick sprained his knee! All as captured on video.

It's a KnockoutDuring this event, there was a mini tornado that picked up a mattress and the archery tent, bringing it crashing to the ground. Fortunately there were only a few minoinjuries.

After dinner, there were the u14 heats for the Box Cart races and once again, both teams won both races. In Camelot there then followed an international evening of entertainment and then a disco.

Jamie managed to get a bit over high on sugar and came down from the “cliff” shortly before going to bed. A good lesson learned.

“If one is left footed does one swap ones left foot”


A leisurely start to the morning – breakfast at 08:30……. WOW!
There were no activities in the morning (other than a kit inspection) although this took all morning for some reason!

Nine cubs arrived just in time for lunch at 12:00 to experience a big camp. Four of them are moving up to Scouts in September.

The Ancient Bazaar started at 14:00 and there was immediately a large queue of frustrated young people wanting to smash some cups. Everything was 20p and by the end of the afternoon we had raised £46.75 in aid of Sussex Search and Rescue.


A total of £4000 was raised at the event by the various groups / stalls.

In the evening we went to watch the Explorer Box Carts, in particular the race between two Scouts from Chailey Heritage who had a race in their powered wheelchairs.

The evening finished off with a Disco and then bed.


It was a slow start for breakfast at 07:00 this morning before heading off to activities in glorious sunshine.

The main event, however, was the Box Car Finals in the evening. Races were hard and Seth did a magnificent job of pushing his teams cart to secure the WIN in the u14 category against the light weight Tiger Trouble.

Box CartsZoe also appeared on stage as part of the WS Gang Show.

Seth won the competition to see how quickly he could eat a doughnut without licking his lips. He managed it in 21 seconds. For his prize, he won a multi bag of haribo.


We woke up to rain this morning, but still had a 07:00 Breakfast.

There are a LOT of tired Scouts and Leaders around!

Our group went litter picking and Adam got the “Special” treatment to help litter pick in Camelot.

It was the last day of activities and the sun started shining again.


After a rushed dinner (thanks to last minute time changes in the programme), we all returned to Camelot for the start of the Closing Ceremony.

Closing Ceremony

Our winning Box Cart Team were awarded with their rosettes. This was followed by a band and then the final closing ceremony and fireworks.



A lot of groups had done packing and taken down tents the previous afternoon, however we had a leisurely morning starting with breakfast at 08:30 followed by packing the kit away. We even managed to acquire the subcamp banner after we helped the sub camp leaders move their rubbish to the bin areas.

End of CampParents arrived at 12:00 to take the Scouts home and after a quick “thank you” session to all the Scouts and Leaders back at the Scout Hut, we all went home about 3pm for a well earned bath and rest.

It was a fantastic week and every Scout put in a lot of effort to enjoy themselves. They all learned an awful lot during the week and the efforts were rewarded by having a memorable experience.

See you all in September.