Child Joining – Chichester City Groups

All applications for 12th Chichester Scout Group now go into a “Chichester City Waiting List” where each group (5th, 8th and 12th) draw from when they have places available. This is to spread the load between the groups in an attempt to ensure as many young people get to experience the Scouting Adventure rather than wait for a place that may not come available in a more popular group.

The Chichester City Admissions Policy will tell you how each group prioritise applications for membership. When your son or daughter joins us, each group will ask you for information that ensures the safety and well-being of children; information about how we use this information is given in our Data Protection Policy.

All sections are open to both girls and boys. Before you apply, please review our website, which tells you all about our Group and what we do.

Please make your initial enquiry about membership by following this link and filling out the details as requested (submit each child separately).

Please note that we cannot accept children onto our waiting list who are below the age of 4 years.

You will receive an automated response from the system confirming your request has been received and entered on to the Waiting List.

—->  Join Chichester City Waiting List <—–

If you wish to contact the Group Scout Leader directly, please follow the link on the main “Contact Us” page, however please note that any joining requests will be re-directed back to the above page.

By providing us this information, you are giving us permission to hold this data on our database under the GDPR legislation. Full details about our Data Protection Policy can be found via the link above.