Cubs Rules

Code of Conduct

Each Cub Scout shall practice living by the Cub Scout Promise and Cub Scout Law in every day life, as well as at all Cub Scouting functions.
Each Cub Scout will show respect to Adult Leaders, other Cub Scouts, parents, and guests.
Each Cub Scout will listen and pay attention to others, particularly the Adult Leadership Team, Young Leaders and Sixers at all times.
Each Cub Scout will respect other Cub Scout’s property and other Cub Scouts at all times.
Cub Scout uniform will be worn at every meeting unless directed not to by the Cub Scout Leaders or via the Programme.

Non-compliance with any of the above Code will result in the Cub Scout facing one or more of the following actions:
A Yellow Card (warning)
Three yellow cards over a period of one term will result in a Red Card and an exclusion from the next week’s meeting.
When on Camp, three yellow cards will result in a Red Card and an exclusion from the next Camp activity. We also reserve the right to send you home.
Meeting with the adult leadership team
A letter of apology prepared by the Cub Scout.
On return after a red card the Cub Scout’s parent(s) requested to attend.

12th Chichester Cub Scouts maintains a record of Code of Conduct documents that have been signed by each Cub Scout and their parent(s) have indicated that they have read, discussed and understand the Code of Conduct and comply with it to the best of their ability.