New Uniforms

Uniform can be ordered from the District Scout Shop (Kate Crockford) who can be emailed on co-ordinator@chichesterscouts.org.uk, although it is sometimes better to phone her. Please ask a Section Leader for her number or see the poster inside the Scout HQ. For every uniform bought through Kate, a small percentage of the cost comes back to the Group.

If there are a large number of members joining one section, then the Section Leader will sometimes raise a new order on your behalf to save multiple orders to Kate.

Alternatively, they can be ordered direct from Scout Shop and sometimes local camping retailers will sell them.

The Beaver Section does have a small supply of new uniforms available.

Pre-Loved Uniforms

Uniforms can be expensive especially for growing children, however we do have a reasonable supply of pre-loved uniforms that have been handed back to us for re-use after a member has left or when a member has grown out of it. Please consider this option to help others when your child leaves the section.

Please contact your section leader or the Group Scout Leader if you would like to see if we have anything suitable. All we ask for is a suggested donation of £5 to the section.


  • Jumper (main uniform)
  • Polo Shirt


  • Jumper (main uniform)
  • Polo Shirt
  • Trousers


  • Shirt (main uniform)
  • Trousers

Note: Scouts do not have an official uniform polo shirt, however the Scout Group has their own badged shirt that can be purchased from the Scout Section Leaders.