Useful Information

This page should give you a lot of useful information whilst your child is in the Scout Section.

Badge Information

See the following pages:

Code of Conduct

See the Scout Rules page.

The Code of Conduct is posted on the Scout Notice board, as well as the signature sheet.

Scouts (and parents) should complete this once the Scout is invested in to the Troop.

Leaving Age

Recent changes in the Scout Association means that any Scout must have left the section by the time they are 14.5 years old. With so many members in the group, including those coming up through Beavers and Cubs, I am going to have to insist that any member leaves at the end of the full term of their 14th Birthday. Sometimes there will be exceptions, however these need to be discussed with the leadership team.

I keep a close eye on membership numbers in the group which includes those coming up through the other sections, and assuming that all current members continue their Scouting Career right to the end of Scouts, then over the next year we will have between 30 and 35 members in the troop, which for such a small leadership team is a big responsibility and very demanding.


Meetings start promptly at 19:15 and will end just as promptly at 21:15 unless specified on the programme.

Half Uniform (Shirt, Scarf, Record Book & Pen/Pencil) will ALWAYS be required unless stated otherwise on the programme or by the Leaders the previous week. There will be regular Uniform Inspections.

The programme can change at short notice, so all Scouts should always come prepared with suitable outdoor clothing.

PLEASE let one of the leaders know if you are unable to attend a meeting, but please do so well in advance and not in the hour prior to the meeting unless absolutely necessary.


I give out regular and informative newsletters at least once a term. These are predominantly sent by email to cut down on the amount of paper we produce, however there are a few who receive paper copies.

Sometimes these newsletters come with a reply slip to mark what activities the Scouts would like to take part in.

Please ensure that these forms are returned by the date specified. Some Scouting events and activities take a lot of organisation and therefore we do not want to spend time chasing these forms. It will be the Scout that has not returned this form that misses out on any activities, especially if the numbers are restricted.