Chief Scout Gold Award

Chief Scout’s Gold Award

To realistically go for this award, the Scouts must start their challenge badge preparation when they join Scouts. With so many challenge badges to complete, it will not be possible to “push” the badge requirements through in the Scouts last year.

The Scouts MUST keep a record of all the activities they take part in. As well as your Scout Record Book, I recommend keeping an A4 folder with plastic inserts to keep your records and any certificates achieved.

This must be well presented because once all the challenge badges have been completed, the Scout will need to have a short discussion with the District Commissioner to find out what they have done during their time in Scouts, therefore as already proven, it is very beneficial for the Scouts to have a full record of what they have done, if only to act as a reminder of all the activities they have taken part in.

This award is still a prestigious one and ranks alongside the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme awards, so a lot of effort is needed to be put into the activities and record keeping.

The Challenge Badges and the associated Records ideally need to be complete before the Scouts last term, and definitely before the last half term because the discussion with the DC and the presentation of the actual award needs to be made before the young person leaves Scouts.